Tips for Your Global Move

When it comes to long-distance moving, there aren’t many moves larger than international relocation. From passports, to new cultures and languages, to completely new ways of life, it’s just about as stressful as it is exciting. At All Points of Texas, we consider long-distance moving to be one of our specialties, so to help you out during your global move we’ve assembled four quality tips that you should keep in mind.


This one kind of goes without saying, but it still needs to be mentioned. Before you start packing, you should organize everything you’re considering taking on your move into specific categories. We’re not talking hyper-vague categories like “kitchen” or “bedroom” that get used during more standard moves. We’re talking cutlery, dvds, sweaters, or wine glasses. Get extremely granular with it. Don’t think about whether or not you’re going to pack these items this way. This is an exercise in evaluating what you have, before you can consider what you actually need to take to a new country.

Pack what you need, toss the rest.

If you accurately and meticulously followed tip #1, you should have all of your items organized by specific type. Once you’ve done this, really take some time and evaluate what you need. Do you really need a dozen wine glasses? Everything is digital, so you can probably ditch those DVDs. As hard as it may be, the ease of an international move is highly dependent on how much stuff you’re actually attempting to move. Additionally, one of the first things you’ll spend time doing at your destination is frequenting the various markets and shops that are locally available. Soon after your move, you will have replaced most of the items you decided to leave behind, and your home will feel all the more authentic.

Check every inch of your current home.

When most people move, they get out as fast as they can once everything is packed. After all the blood, sweat, and tears of packing are over, the last thing a homeowner wants to do is meticulously search their empty house for what they could’ve left behind. Fortunately for most domestic movers, if they forget something, they can either go back and get it or have it mailed to them. With international moving, this becomes extraordinarily problematic. Once you’ve packed everything, and the boxes have been moved out, check every single inch of your home or apartment. Every room, every cabinet, and every drawer should be inspected with your attention to detail at an all-time high. Unfortunately, some of the most expensive items are extremely small. From pieces of technology to priceless jewelry and heirlooms, make sure you’ve packed it.

Learn the Language.

This isn’t specific to moving necessarily, but it is of paramount importance. When we say learn the language, we mean it both literally and metaphorically. Don’t wait until a few months before your move to begin studying the language if it isn’t your native tongue. Languages are tough, and you’re about to throw yourself into a world where many people will be unable to communicate with you unless you speak their language. But more than the literal meaning of the phrase, learn the language, we also mean you must invest in learning the culture of your destination. Many habits and mannerisms mean completely different things in your new country. From tipping, to thanking people for services, to what you say (or don’t say) when someone sneezes, the importance of understanding cultural differences can hardly be understated.

Depending on where your international move is taking you, there could be an infinite number of specific items added to this list, but these four basic tasks are a great place to start. Just always remember to do these four things: Organize, Eliminate, Inspect, and Learn.

We sincerely hope that your global move is a pleasant one, and the experiences that await you in this new location are nothing but great. If you’d like to hire a moving company who understands the ins and outs of global moving, look no further than All Points of Texas. From around the corner, to around the world, we take the stress out of moving. Contact us today for a free estimate.