How to Choose the Right Moving Company for Your Needs in Houston, Ft Worth, San Antonio

Choosing from among several local movers can be daunting. Here are a few tips:

Making a move to a new home or office is exciting. You get to think about how you’ll decorate your new space, or you might be eager to meet some new neighbors. However, finding a moving company to help you take care of the leg work is a challenge. There’s plenty to consider, from the size of the company to storage policies. At All Points of Texas, we’re dedicated to making the moving process as simple as possible for our customers. We’re here for you, whether you’re moving locally or to another city in Texas. Our team has compiled a guide to choosing a reputable moving company to help you get settled into your new space without the hassle.

Ask Family and Friends

Word of mouth really is the best marketing! If a friend or family member has moved recently, be sure to ask them about their experiences with moving companies. These people are the most likely to be honest with you about their opinions. If you don’t have any luck with friends and family, check out review websites and see what past customers are saying. Take into account both the positive comments and negative points. You may want to take outlier complaints with a grain of salt, but if you dig up multiple bad reviews, you should rethink your choice.

Research, Research, Research

You can never do too much research! Once you have a long list of moving companies, start scouring the internet for reliable sources on the quality of their services. You may also want to get in touch with the company directly to ask questions. The Better Business Bureau and professional organizations are excellent places to look for information about customer satisfaction.

Get Detailed with Your Questions

As you conduct your research, don’t be afraid to get specific about your questions. Moving companies and their sales representatives are here to help you, so they should have no problem providing you with the answers you need. Examples of questions to ask potential movers include:

  • How many years have you been in business?
  • How many employees do you have?
  • What level of experience do your employees hold?
  • Are you affiliated with a van line?
  • What kind of storage solutions do you offer?
  • How accurate are your estimates?

Eliminate Companies that Don’t Meet Your Needs

Some companies won’t move certain items or aren’t well-equipped for particular types of moves. If you’re moving locally, look for a company that specializes in that specific service. Perhaps you’re moving offices or commercial locations. In that case, seek out moving companies that have worked with business professionals in the past. Any moving companies that don’t meet your needs can immediately be eliminated from your list. At All Points of Texas, you can expect all of these services and more, including help with:

Get Estimates for at Least Three Companies

We recommend requesting estimates from at least three moving companies. While you don’t want to accept an astronomical cost estimate, be wary of costs so low they seem too good to be true. The best moving companies will be transparent with their pricing and rates. Keep in mind that in-home estimates give you the best chance of getting an accurate cost.

Ask About Credentials and Licenses

Professional movers should have all the proper credentials and licenses. Furthermore, these credentials shouldn’t be difficult to find. Trustworthy companies will be upfront about their licenses and professional accreditation. While movers may claim to hold certain qualifications, be sure to verify these claims on your own. Look for the following credentials when narrowing down your options:

  • Registered with the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles (look for the TXDOT number)
  • Membership to trade organizations
  • Affiliation with other trustworthy companies
  • Better Business Bureau accredited

Visit and Evaluate the Company’s Storage Site

If you need a moving company that offers storage or other on-site services, it’s in your best interest to visit their facilities. Ask for a tour of the company’s storage units, and evaluate the grounds for cleanliness and security. You may also want to ask about climate control measures and fire precautions. A reliable moving company will be able to give you an overview of their quality control programs and the security measures they use to prevent theft.

Look Out for Warning Signs of a Scam

Unfortunately, some movers are out to scam unsuspecting homeowners. While you can’t control others’ actions, you can stay vigilant for signs of a scam or shady business practices. Be sure to take a close look at your estimate, and make sure all charges show up. Some companies will try to charge you additional fees or request a cash deposit upfront. Reputable moving companies shouldn’t ask for payment before service is rendered, but they should be transparent about their pricing. Other signs that the moving company may not be legitimate include:

  • Tardiness
  • Inability to answer questions
  • No affiliation with a reputable van line

Get the Proper Documentation

Your movers should always provide you with the proper documentation. Before proceeding with any mover, make sure they’ve given you a copy of the Rights and Responsibilities When You Move in Texas. If you’ve obtained this information, be sure to read it through! While hopefully, you won’t run into any bumps in the road, it’s always a good idea to know your rights before you need to invoke them. If the moving company makes getting the proper documentation difficult, they probably aren’t the right fit for the job.

Make Sure Your Selected Company is Available on Your Moving Day

This may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s easy to forget the small details in the shuffle. As you’re browsing moving companies in Texas, make sure they’re available on your desired moving date. Even if you’ve done all the research and found no problems with the company, they still may not be right for you if their schedule can’t accommodate you. However, if you’ve chosen a moving company early enough, you may be able to reschedule your move for an available date. At All Points of Texas, we’re happy to work with you as much as possible to cater to your timeline.

Find Out How the Movers Handle Fragile Items

We all have breakable items around the house. When it comes to moving, you want to make sure these items get the proper treatment. Before fully committing to a moving company, be sure to ask about their procedures for handling fragile things. You can let the team know specific items you’re concerned about, or you could ask for general policies. It’s also a good idea to ask about their liability for damage. They may have multiple options at varied expenses. Before signing anything, you should also read up on their claims procedure in case an item is damaged in transit. Trustworthy moving companies will be upfront about these policies and never give you vague assurances.

Get the Moving Help You Need with Us

The team at All Points of Texas is excited to help you start anew in your new home, apartment, or commercial building. We understand the challenge that comes with narrowing down moving companies, so we strive to take the guesswork out of choosing professional movers. No matter the scope of your move, you can count on our seasoned team for help. We’ve helped homeowners throughout the state, focusing on the cities of Houston, Grand Prairie, DFW, and San Antonio. Whatever kind of moving help you need, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Need more tips?

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