Movers Protection in Houston, DFW, and San Antonio

How to Protect Your Move

When you need to move your home or business, the risk of damage to your property is always a concern. We always take great care, but you should still consider protecting yourself with moving insurance or a movers protection plan. No matter how careful and qualified your movers are, there is always a chance that items can become damaged during a move. There is no need to worry, though. There are various ways to protect your move. Learn more about the mover protection plans All Points of Texas offers in Houston, San Antonio, and Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas.

Moving Protection vs. Moving Insurance

In general, movers protection plans ensure that you are reimbursed if anything happens to your items during a move. It is common to confuse moving protection plans with moving insurance. They are two entirely different ways to protect yourself during a move. A moving insurance policy must be obtained through an insurance provider, and they regularly require negligence on the part of the moving company in order to pay out. Movers protection can be obtained directly through one of our moving companies in Houston, DFW, and San Antonio. With a protection plan, you will receive compensation if your property is lost or damaged, whether or not negligence was a factor.

Minimum Liability Valuation Protection

All moving companies in the state of Texas must offer a free minimum liability valuation movers protection plan. This gives you a minimal amount of protection for your move, typically set at $0.60 per pound. So, if a 10-pound item is damaged, you would receive $6.00 in total compensation. This is usually less protection than our customers want because it does not take into account the value of the item.

Full Value Protection

A full-value movers’ protection plan gives you more protection on your items. You receive $6.00 of protection for every pound. So, if a 10-pound item is damaged, you would receive $60.00. On top of that, full-value protection plans allow you to complete a High-Value Inventory Form. On this form, you can note the value of items worth more than $100. This way, if they are damaged, their replacement value will be calculated based on their worth, not their weight.

Increased Declarations on a Full Value Protection

As your move approaches, you may decide that you need to increase the valuation of your move. You can always increase the valuation of your move with All Points of Texas. You can request a higher valuation than that set by the standard full-value protection movers program. We welcome you to do this anytime up until the day of your move.

How Does Moving Protection Work?

Setting up and using your moving protection plan is a straightforward process. Our friendly team will guide you through every step, from picking your plan to filing a compensation claim. The steps in the moving protection plan process include:

  1. Pick your plan
  2. Calculate the valuation
  3. Fill out a high-value inventory form
  4. Adjust the liability valuation, if necessary

All Points of Texas Serves Central Texas

As an international moving company, we are well-known for helping people move everywhere from Dallas to Dubai. However, we are locally based here in the Central Texas area. We are proud to provide local moving services to:

Commercial and Residential Movers Protection Plans

Whether you’re relocating your family or your staff, we’re here to help make it exciting and stress-free. We provide high-safety moves to ensure that all your items get to their new location in perfect condition, but we always suggest a movers protection plan. These plans are available for both residential and commercial moving projects. If you are moving equipment that is crucial to your business’s operation, a high-liability protection plan is a must!

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If you’re ready to make a move to a better home or commercial property, work with a team that offers you extensive protection plans. All Points of Texas wants you to feel safe in your choice of working with us, which is why we provide free estimates for all our services. Contact us today for your free moving estimate!

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