Reasons You Should Hire Professional Movers

Reasons You Should Hire Our Local Movers in Texas & Beyond

Why It’s Beneficial to Hire a Professional Moving Service

Planning a residential or commercial move can be overwhelming. Just remember to breathe. You’ve got this. Whether moving locally or across a long distance, you must get all your belongings from point A to point B safely and efficiently. Careful planning and execution are essential to a smooth transition. You don’t have to make the move entirely on your own. There are many advantages to hiring local movers to aid you. If you’re looking for the best local movers in Texas, All Points of Texas is happy to assist. Learn more about the benefits of hiring professional movers, and then give us a call for a free moving quote!

Our Reliable Local Movers Can Save You Time and Money

There’s no denying that the moving process takes time. Many people underestimate how much time their move will take them between the packing, transporting, and unpacking. Professional movers have years of experience simplifying everything to save you time, ultimately saving you money. Movers know what to expect when setting a moving timeframe. They also have access to valuable resources, including moving trucks, cranes, dollies, blankets, packing materials, and more.

When you rely on local movers, you won’t have to add the cost of buying or renting moving equipment. Hiring your own moving truck may seem less costly, but the expenses can add up quickly. You may be charged for the truck per hour, and you’ll also have to fill up the gas tank and pay any parking fees. When you request a moving quote from a professional moving service, you’re given an upfront price that includes everything you need. Most reputable moving companies are transparent with their pricing.

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You’re Less Likely to Damage Items During Moving Process

Hiring movers to help pack, load, and transport your belongings can be a huge help. Even if you live a minimalist lifestyle, you may be surprised by how many items you have accumulated. No matter how physically fit you may be, you can’t deny it’s convenient and preferable to let someone else do all the grunt work. Hiring movers puts you at less risk of injuring yourself while moving boxes and furniture. Avoid overstraining your back by leaving the heavy lifting to the trained professionals!

If you have fragile items, an experienced moving service will know how to pack or wrap them to ensure nothing gets damaged during the move. They’re also knowledgeable about navigating tight spaces or staircases with bulky items. The last thing you want to worry about when starting a new chapter in your life is the heartache of losing or damaging any precious family heirlooms. Movers can help you get everything safely to your new home or office space based on their level of expertise.

Stress Less – Movers Can Help You Organize & Plan Everything

Hiring movers can alleviate some of the stress of moving. When you partner with All Points of Texas, we can help you devise a moving checklist to plan and organize your move perfectly. Our team knows what details to take care of and when they require attention as your moving day approaches. Trying to plan your move all at once can feel overwhelming. Organizing it one phase at a time ensures everything feels more manageable and nothing important slips through the cracks. If you have any questions during the moving process, you can check out our frequently asked questions or reach out to us for assistance.

Movers Come With Their Own Equipment & Storage Options

You’d be amazed at how expensive renting your own moving equipment can be. Choosing local movers like All Points of Texas ensures a highly experienced moving team with state-of-the-art equipment. We use only the best moving tools and equipment to make your move as hassle-free as possible. Many professional moving services also offer storage solutions to simplify the moving process. We have a 51,000-square-foot storage facility in Dallas and a 40,000-square-foot storage facility in Houston.

Both facilities are enclosed, climate controlled, and monitored 24 hours a day to ensure the safety of their contents. We also provide warehousing solutions for companies looking to store or dispose of disused items. Our team can assist with repackaging, custom labeling, bulk material handling, custom packaging, and more, depending on your needs.

Most Local Movers Are Insured for Your Peace of Mind

Most trustworthy moving companies are licensed and insured and will offer liability or transit insurance on items for your protection. It pays to do your research when choosing a moving company. Not only do you need a moving company that’s available on your moving date(s), but you’ll also want to compare their moving quotes. Going with the cheapest movers near you may not be the best idea, as you get what you pay for with moving services. Seek a local mover with the proper credentials and licenses that meets your specific needs. Be sure to ask how they treat fragile or specialty items and damage claims. If the moving company is insured, they should reimburse you for damages due to their negligence.

The U.S. Department of Transportation and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration have partnered to provide helpful moving industry information to protect consumers. Before you hire local movers, check out their Rights and Responsibilities When You Move in Texas brochure. Learn more about how to protect yourself by choosing a reputable mover.

Why Are All Points of Texas Considered the Best Movers Near You?

When searching for moving companies near you, you may be surprised by how many are out there. However, not all local movers are created equal. It doesn’t always pay to hire the cheapest movers near you. Some moving services are more experienced and professional than others. All Points of Texas has been a full-service moving company in business since 1964. A member of the Southwest Movers Association, we’re also recognized as a Pinnacle Mover in Texas based on our outstanding customer service and our high number of satisfied customers.

Thanks to our affiliation with Atlas Van Lines, we’re supported by a vast network of resources across the state, country, and globe. Whether you’re planning a local, long-distance, or international move, we would love to give you peace of mind by providing a stress-free moving experience. We’re always happy to answer any questions you have to streamline your move.

Contact Us for a Local, Long-Distance, or International Quote

Don’t call in favors from friends and family when planning to move to your new home. Save those favors for something more meaningful someday. Whether you’re relocating to Grand Prairie, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, or San Antonio, let All Points of Texas take care of your moving needs. Once you hire our local movers, you can rest assured your belongings will be safe in our experienced, capable hands. Give us a call today to request a free moving quote in Texas and beyond!